Planting our first lavender plants

About Us

At Butterfly Hill Farm we strive to create beautiful lavender gifts using the finest materials and top-quality craftsmanship.  We use our own lavender that we grow without the use of any chemicals or herbicides.

As best friends and identical twin sisters, we always dreamed of one day having our own business that would allow us to use our love of creating and handcrafting.  We have been sewing and creating for as long as we can remember. As young children we would stay awake at night talking about what our project would be for the next day.  We would weave hot pads that we sold door-to-door in our neighborhood, make doll clothes, etc.  We were upcycling before it was fashionable.  Our father would bring home old wallpaper sample books from his drugstore, and we would make purses out of the samples.  Our mother taught us to sew our first dresses when were about 8 years old.  From that time forward and all through college, we designed and sewed most of our own clothes.  After college we both started full time jobs so had less time for creating our own clothes, but continued to do home decorating-type projects.  Our mother and grandmothers instilled in us an appreciation for handcrafting using fine materials.

After college we became very interested in health and particularly the use of herbs for healing which led us to the United Plant Savers herb conference in South Eastern Ohio.  During this conference we fell in love with the countryside and found our farm.  We bought it a couple of months later with the dream of starting an herb farm.  We decided to plant lavender because it is such a beautiful and aromatic plant and has so many beneficial and healing properties.   

After our first harvest, we began making the beautiful wands that you will find in our shop.  It wasn’t long before we had more than we could use ourselves or give as gifts and decided to begin selling them.  This became our first lavender product and the beginning of our business.