Looking for unique, eco-friendly lavender gifts. Check out our sachets, pillows, wands & more elegantly handcrafted from our Certified Naturally Grown lavender. 

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At Butterfly Hill Farm we strive to create beautiful lavender gifts using the finest materials and top-quality craftsmanship.  We use our own lavender that we grow without the use of any chemicals or herbicides.  

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Butterfly Hill Farm was established in 1999 and is situated in the beautiful Appalachian foothills of Ohio. The hills of the farm are covered with many native plants that are favorites of butterflies and honeybees including butterfly weed, wild bergamot, purple coneflower, and milkweed. Upon the first visit to the farm, the flowering plants and abundance of butterflies inspired our farm's name. 

In 2000, we planted our first lavender plants and became one of the first farms in Ohio to grow lavender. We have continued to increase the number of plants each year and now have over 300 plants and make many handcrafted lavender based products.

We are dedicated to growing sustainably and follow biodynamic  principles of agriculture. We have also established a honeybee sanctuary and practice holistic methods consistent with the principles of biodynamics.

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Butterfly Hill Farm

Butterfly Hill Farm
32400 McCumber Hill Rutland, OH 45775 US

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